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Dream Walker

DreamWalker is an inspiring musical ensemble, whose expression of joy and passion radiate through their mastery of drums, percussion, and a multitude of traditional and unique instruments from around the world. Each member of this ensemble brings diverse backgrounds and talents, yielding a musical synergy that engages the full range of human emotion. Their magical telepathic communication with each other and the audience, combined with spontaneous creative expression and deep-rooted primal power, yields a passionate array of color, sound and rhythm. The music of DreamWalker invites you to discover freedom and joy, and find yourself in the rhythm of the heartbeat of life. The "original" DreamWalker members are: Steve Bash, Steve Smith, Gavin Bowes, Michael Bayard and Michael Strathdee (in memorium).

This classic video shows some original members of Dream Walker with friends performing some spicy rhythms:

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By: Marillyn | Date: Apr 7, 2011
I'm researching sound healing; Theta brain wave healing, Shamanic drumming etc. I definitely see how your music gets into a person's soul. The beats make you feel like you want to dance and just let go and just be. It seems like it's very good music for trance dancing that people can do and go into a very heightened, spiritual state.



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