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Michael Bayard Videos

Skin Drum Improvisation

Michael Bayard performs an exhilarating and spicy rhythm improvisation on the skin drums for a live television broadcast.

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Fastest Tchaikovsky in the West

Michael Bayard performs on cymbals with the Sacramento Symphony, Carter Nice Conducting, Vintage 1992.

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Mallet Mania

In this rare, vintage television appearance, Michael Bayard and Andrew Power perform the "Galop" music from Adolphe Adam's ballet "Giselle." Mr. Bayard and Mr. Power perform this original adaptation on the marimba and the vibraphone.

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Michael Bayard With Dancer Sequoia

Michael Bayard accompanies dancer "Sequoia" in a tribal dance and percussion improvisation. Original music by Michael Bayard. Sound engineered by Steve Walker and Point Source Sound.

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Michael Bayard & Ann Roach Vocal: Ancient Hebrew Prayer Meditation

Michael Bayard accompanies the breathtaking vocals of Ann "Sabra" Roach, on an original musical adaptation of the Ancient Hebrew Prayer titled "The Shema." Michael Bayard on keyboard drones and skin drum, Ann Sabra Roach on vocals. Original Music by Michael Bayard.

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Michael Bayard's World Famous "Spin Cycle" Video

Percussionist Michael Bayard performs a groundbreaking drumming improvisation on the surface of a laundry washing machine, as it is wobbling, rolling and pulsing in spin cycle mode- with wet jeans inside.

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Michael Bayard featured on "Rob on the Road" segment of KVIE Public Television

Rob Stewart visits Michael in Elk Grove to feature him is a segment of "Rob on the Road". The segment has been airing since April 2009 and will be part of a KVIE (PBS) prime time special that runs from 7:00 to 7:30 pm on Wednesday, April 29 on KVIE Channel 6. Please watch for it to support Michael AND KVIE as it will be rated by the Nielsen Ratings System.

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Michael Bayard Original Music - With Mary Youngblood and Matthew Grasso

This passionate and beautiful original music by Michael Bayard features Matthew Grasso on ancient-Sanskrit chanting, and Mary Youngblood on Native flutes and improvised chanting vocal

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Quartz Bowl Sound Healing on Human Body

Michael Bayard places quartz crystal song bowl on female subject's heart chakra, and activates the song bowl.

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