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Mallet Mania


In this rare, vintage television appearance, Michael Bayard and Andrew Power perform the "Galop" music from Adolphe Adam's ballet "Giselle." Mr. Bayard and Mr. Power perform this original adaptation on the marimba and the vibraphone.
Note the "Dr Who" hair style of Mr. Bayard, as well as the very 1970's tuxedos - with the large lapels on the jackets, as well as the ruffled tuxedo shirts. Finally, note the huge black bow ties - one would assume you could squirt water out of them.

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By: Lars | Date: Oct 5, 2010
Loved this clip.
By: Sally | Date: Sep 30, 2009
This is a great clip. I loved the sychronization and the sound. It was quite energizing to watch!

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