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Rhythm Magic Corporate Keynotes & Teambuilding Seminars

... the unique way to demonstrate leadership and shared vision in a creative, hands-on environment.
  • "Informative and entertaining!"

  • "Visionary and high-spirited!"

  • "Bold and provocative!"

These words have described the experience of numerous leaders who have completed a Rhythm Magic program. "Rhythm Magic" and "Rhythm of the Workplace" remind participants that basic skills such as listening and communication are a truly important part of quality in the workplace. They are the building blocks of effective communication, harmonious relationships with co-workers, and effective work teams.

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Corporate Programs include:

"Rhythm of the Workplace" Teambuilding Seminar

Motivate Team Spirit and Performance using the Power of Music!Music and rhythm have been used throughout history to goad armies to action, stimulate students to study, and move people to purchase. Now you can use the same power to motivate your team to communicate better, listen more effectively and focus their energy.

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"Rhythm Magic!" Keynote

Kick Off your Conference with this High-Powered Ice-Breaker! Use the power of music to catalyze and increase productivity at your next meeting or conference. Rhythm Magic is the pinnacle of teambuilding and communication training, using hands-on participation and music metaphors to create harmony, cohesion, and a shared vision for your company or organization.

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