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The Student Programs Section

Join the magic of Michael Bayard's inspiring interactive and hands-on assemblies demonstrating percussion instruments from Africa, Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. In just one session your students will learn confidence, courage, and concentration, while discovering the basics of music notation and performance.

Students of all ages will be given opportunities to actually play ethnic instruments and become part of an ensemble. Based on Mr. Bayard's symphony and world music expertise, this ensemble setting will encourage harmony and teamwork.

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Student Programs include:

Drums not Drugs: An Inspiring Program for Young People

Renowned percussionist and motivational speaker Michael Bayard offers to schools throughout Northern California "Drums Not Drugs", a celebration of healthy lifestyles through music and rhythm. Drums Not Drugs is an accessible and emotionally uplifting program for students of all ages. This hands-on assembly program uses a creative and effective approach to prevention of drug, alcohol and tobacco use in young people.

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