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Join the magic of Michael Bayard's inspiring interactive and hands-on assemblies demonstrating percussion instruments from Africa, Mexico, South America, Asia, Europe, and the U.S.A. In just one session your students will learn confidence, courage, and concentration, while discovering the basics of music notation and performance.

Rhythm Magic is much more than a lecture on music. It is an understanding and appreciation of the uniqueness, the diversity, and the complexity of multi-cultural peoples from a global musical perspective. Students will begin to understand the relationship of music to math, science and language arts. Michael Bayard's method of teaching is by example-without preaching. Yet his message is unmistakably clear: through music anyone can develop skills to express themselves with positive direction and purpose.

With just one period of fun, laughter, and intense musical performance and inter-action, Michael Bayard will inspire your students to admire and appreciate music from a world perspective, to study a musical instrument, or to practice harder if they are already musicians.

For Michael Bayard, "percussion is a way of life". Self-esteem through music is his way of encouraging youth to look to a future of hope, purpose, and direction.

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