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Letters from the Faculty

Michael receives letters and testimonials from the faculty of the schools he visits - as well as the students.

"The real excitement of your Rhythm Magic program was the student involvement. Seeing four Kindergarten through third grade students play multicultural instruments in rhythm and harmony opened the world of music as few forty-five minute programs can."

~ Kay Valler, Principal, Palisades Elementary School, Fair Oaks, CA

"A great program. It gives kids a perspective they wouldn't ordinarily have - more than just music. It gave a troubled student the confidence he needed; he's been a different kid ever since."

~ Jerrold Westbrooks, Parent Coordinator, Prairie Elementary School, Sacramento, CA

"This hands-on assembly was creative, historical, and taught patterns and concepts that could be expanded into math lessons. Our kids got more from this than a field trip."

~ Kertha Kielborn, Teacher, Ellen Feickert Elementary School, Elk Grove, CA

"Your Rhythm Magic musical presentation today was absolutely outstanding! How clever you were to tie your program into our opening unit this year: 'Discoveries and Inventions!' Every person was actively engaged in the program. It was a delight!"

~ Don Caldeira, Principal, Mission Avenue Open School, Carmichael, CA

"As a teacher, it's always a joy to be part of an opportunity where I can watch my students rise to a new level of knowledge and appreciation. Your performance captured their hearts and minds!"

~ Barbara Walters, Teacher, Breen Elementary School, Rocklin, CA

"All cultures were represented; it uplifted our spirits; we could feel the energy."

~ Marielle Tsukamoto, V. Principal, Ellen Feickert Elementary School. Elk Grove, CA

"Your Rhythm Magic music assembly provided an exciting time for students while teaching about rhythm as it relates to music. Students were engaged and entertained throughout the performance. You have the ability to involve students in a variety of ways, such as students focusing on clapping out rhythms, some students playing instruments, and, most important, students working together to make great music. We also greatly appreciated how integrated your program was into standards and curriculum as well - all done in a powerful and thought-provoking way."

~ Dr. L. Steven Winlock, Assoc. Super., Elk Grove Unified School District

"Our students and staff truly enjoyed your Rhythm Magic program. Your presentation, timing and level of student involvement was great! The program was entertaining, yet instructional in that students learned how to read music fairly quickly and became aware of the need for teamwork."

~ Reinaldo Genera, Principal, Yolo Youth Academy, Yolo County

"Your Rhythm Magic program - which introduced a variety of percussion instruments from different cultures - was presented with contagious enthusiasm. Your message of reaching goals through a healthy lifestyle was a positive message for the students. It was a very motivational assembly and the students left smiling and dancing."

~ Byron Lockhart, Chief Administrative Officer, Student Services, Solano County

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