Bands, Orchestras & Ensembles

Welcome to the Bands, Orchestras & Ensembles Wing of the Bayard Museum.

This wing spotlights the many different musical ensembles that Michael Bayard has performed with over the course of his career.


Sacramento Symphony Orchestra

Michael Bayard performed as Principal Percussionist with the Sacramento Symphony from 1980 to 1996. Here is a rare, vintage video clip of Michael performing on cymbals to Tchaikovsky’s 4th Symphony – Finale.

Sacramento Symphony: Percussion Concerto – West Coast Premiere

The Sacramento Symphony performed the west coast premiere of composer Russell Peck’s Percussion Concerto titled “The Glory and the Grandeur.” This is a news piece – circa 1992 -showcasing this exhilarating Percussion Concerto.

Tribal & Ethnic Ensembles

This section explores the bold and powerful tribal ensembles that Michael has performed with.

Dream Walker

DreamWalker is an inspiring musical ensemble, whose expression of joy and passion radiate through their mastery of drums, percussion, and a multitude of traditional and unique instruments from around the world. Each member of this ensemble brings diverse backgrounds and talents, yielding a musical synergy that engages the full range of human emotion. Their magical telepathic communication with each other and the audience, combined with spontaneous creative expression and deep-rooted primal power, yields a passionate array of color, sound and rhythm. The music of DreamWalker invites you to discover freedom and joy, and find yourself in the rhythm of the heartbeat of life. The “original” DreamWalker members are: Steve Bash, Steve Smith, Gavin Bowes, Michael Bayard and Michael Strathdee (in memorium).

This classic video shows some original members of Dream Walker with friends performing some spicy rhythms:

Dance and Percussion

This section showcases the dynamic dance ensembles that Michael has performed with.


Keyboards & Female Vocal

This section features Michael’s compelling orchestrations for accompaniment to female vocal. Many of these tracks have received global praise and are critically-acclaimed.

Below are videos of Michael Bayard’s original orchestrations, accompanying breath-taking female vocals.


Jazz Ensembles


This section explores the many colorful jazz ensembles that Michael has performed with.

New Music Ensembles

This section explores Michael’s contemporary and modern music performances.


Percussion Ensembles

This section displays the striking Percussion Ensembles that Michael has performed with.


The Percussion Clique

“The Percussion Clique” was a professional percussion ensemble comprised of Michael Bayard, Tracy Davis and Lonnie Slawson. These three percussionists were also the critically-acclaimed percussion section of the original Sacramento Symphony from 1987-1996. This video is a news excerpt featuring the “Percussion Clique” performing an exhilarating concerto for percussion and orchestra written by composer Russell Peck, titled “The Glory and the Grandeur.”

The “Percussion Clique” performed the West Coast premiere of this work with the Sacamento Symphony, circa 1992.

Mallet Mania

In this rare, vintage television appearance in 1976, Michael Bayard and Andrew Power perform the “Galop” music from Adolphe Adam’s ballet “Giselle.” Mr. Bayard and Mr. Power perform this original adaptation on the marimba and the vibraphone.

Note Mr. Bayard’s “Dr Who” hair style, as well as the 1970’s tuxedo jackets – with the large lapels, as well as the ruffled tuxedo shirts. Finally, note the huge black bow ties: Do they squirt water?

Pop and Rock Bands

This section displays the pop music groups that Michael has played in.