Sound Healing

Welcome to the Sound Healing Wing of the Bayard Museum.

Here you can explore Michael’s ground-breaking work in the field of sound healing and vibrational medicine. This Sound Healing Wing reveals information on Michael’s use of music, vibration and frequency to reharmonize the body, and to ultimately achieve physical, mental and emotional restoration.

Drumming and Music Medicine Circle

This section explores the extraordinary and ground-breaking “Drumming and Music Medicine Circle” – which was created by Michael Bayard. These programs are also known as “Michael Bayard’s Sound Healing Concerts.”

Also known as Michael Bayard’s “Sound Healing Concert Series,” is a bold and interactive musical concert experience, which uses sound and vibration from drumming, voice toning and harmonic chanting, quartz and Tibetan sound bowls, vibraphones, gongs, gamelan, root chakra didgeridoo and Shamanic theta rhythms. The intent of this program is to reharmonize the mind, body and spirit through sound and vibration, and to celebrate community – by creating unified resonance and enhanced communication among participants. These sound healing concerts are critically-acclaimed, and have been described as “visionary,” “magical’ and “magnificently orchestrated.” One intriguing and compelling aspect of these “Sound Healing Concerts” is that they are “theme-based.” For each of these unique Sound Healing Concerts, Mr. Bayard showcases a different ancient sacred site, and the program is constucted around that sacred site. Below are some examples of the sacred sites that have been featured on past Sound Healing Concerts:

pyramids at sunrise/sunset

The Ancient Egypt Experience: Music, Mysticism and Secrets of the Tomb

This sound healing concert explored the secrets of the Great Pyramid, the hidden symbology of sacred temples, and Ancient Egypt’s fascinating approach to life and the afterlife.

forestThe Enchanted Forest: Celtic Mysteries, Magic and Medicine

The ancient Celts had a life-affirming, mystical way of experiencing life, in tune with the forces of Nature and Magic. This sound healing concert took the audience on an enchanting adventure – exploring the magic and mystery of stone circles and forest realms. The music was seductive, and captured the ritual and mystery of the ancient Druid celebrations.

eagle-condorThe Eagle and the Condor: Unlocking the Secrets of the Ancient Incas

dreams-mysteriesThe African Shamanic Experience: Music, Dreams and Mysteries

atlantisAtlantis Awakened: Unlocking the Mystery of a Lost Civilization

stonehengeFull Moon at Stonehenge

Secrets in the Fields: Music & Mysteries of the Crop Circles

outbackDrumming in the Outback: Music Healing from Aboriginal Australia

thunderbirdsThe Thunderbird: Music Healing from Native American Country

shangri-laShangri – La: Music Healing from the Enchanted Himalayas

Shamanic Theta Wave Entrainment

This section explores a mesmerizing rhythm technique used by Michael Bayard to synchronize the electrical brain activity of the listener to Theta Wave frequency, which is between 4 and 7 cycles per second.